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3 Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch in 2018

The Blockchain technology is a significant innovation, just like the Internet Bubble. Despite the fluctuations, the cryptocurrencies in general are speedily evolving as technological assets as well as consumer products. Here are some cryptocurrency trends to watch:

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   1.The Expantion Of Stablecoins

The blockchain technology; the digital currency facilitates a secure and efficient payment methods and one of the biggest problem that they are facing is actually the current level of volatility in the market as it represents the tokens as unreliable store of value of everyday transactions and commerce. However, the stablecoins are trying to change this perception by pegging the token’s value to another asset such as fiat currency. One good example is the Tether, as it is known as the largest stable coin. Supporters of stablecoin are solely focused on the substitute mechanism in order to maintain a steady token value. This sort of method helps to back every token with another decentralized cryptocurrency asset and this approach may potentially offer price stability without compromising transparency which in fact opens the door for fresh possibilities in stablecoin in the near future.

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   2.High Consumer Accessibility and Increase in the Participation in the Crypto Market

Knowledge is the key in doing anything right and one of the biggest burdens for people to be involved in the cryptocurrency market or to invest, is that they really need to understand what it is and how they can take advantage of this market to make money, investment or use it for various payment methods. However, it is obvious that the public’s interest has created a need to learn and people are undoubtedly more open to digital innovations to keep up with the fast-changing technology industry.

Furthermore, the new cryptocurrency exchanges are able to establish themselves very quickly by allowing a quick, cheaper and unlimited transactions, ease of conversion to fiat currency and an enhanced user interface. There are already companies offering users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoincash and Litecoin quickly without any deposits or withdrawal restrictions. It is in fact essential to simplify the process of entering the cryptocurrency market.

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    3.The Inflow of Institutional Money into Cryptocurrencies

 The public has followed larger financial institutions and their stances on cryptocurrencies as an indicator for certain growth and wider adoption rather than the Wall Street as the adoption will create huge market implications. Now, there are major players in the space learning more about the cryptocurrencies, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and it’s not about whether they will invest or not; it is all about the question ‘’when?’’. In fact, it is known that the Goldman Sachs has already set up a cryptocurrency trading desk so it is vital to keep an eye on that as the blockchain technology keeps improving and expanding. On the other hand, the subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, Grayscale is an institutional trading firm aiming at digital currencies. They have also reported that most of their major investments have come from institutional investors as well.




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