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7 Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

Marketing is a difficult experience for blockchain startups due to the fast-developing nature of the crypto industry. Startup projects must constantly take an active role in social media and digital channels to promote themselves to the public.

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Whether you create an ICO or you have a project about the blockchain, we have 7 tips you need to make in the blockchain startup projects to introduce yourself and publicize:

  • Find a Solution to a Problem

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The primary purpose of a blockchain project should not be only to make money.  First, there must be a goal in solving a common problem that people experience in their daily lives.

Although there are countless innovative blockchain projects, the majority of them can fail. However, the projects that focus on the problem are always one step ahead. ICOs, such as SuchApp or Open Platform, for example, have evolved to focus on the needs of a wide range of audiences. They have also succeeded due to seeing themselves as problem solvers.

  • Your Option Should Not be Only an ICO Project

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A successful ICO project requires a lot of time, money and human power. Team members work every hour of the day to prepare marketing campaigns, develop the project, and create incentive programs for new members.  ICOs should have a lot of money source, and they can spend an average of $80,000 for a productive ICO.  Just this expenditure does not guarantee that the project will succeed.

For example, Dogecoin was not an ICO and did not bring much value to the cryptocurrency community, but successfully capitalized and eventually formed its own path.  The lesson we can learn from Dogecoin, CryptoKitties and similar projects is that ICOs are not the only incentive to start using blockchain.

  • Build Your Own Community

Have you noticed that most blockchain projects continue to have an active presence on more than one platform? Especially in the beginning, they are going to meet users of Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Discord. Beginners use social media to reach bigger communities, even though they use many platforms poorly.

Modern customers prefer to attach to it instead of buying something.  Producing content on multiple platforms allows blockchain startups to interact with users from different segments of the market. This will enable them to establish a larger and diverse community that is interested or invested in the project.

  • Use of Email Marketing Campaign

Email lists are still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Email marketing campaigns make it easy to keep followers up-to-date in the project by contacting directly with users interested in the project. This creates an open communication channel between the project and the target audience, which over time helps build trust and loyalty.

  • Awarding Loyal Users With Campaigns

Many blockchain startups initially employ a reward campaign as a major marketing tool. To increase support and create more communities, they may be able to present newcomers tokens for the purpose of reward. They expect support from the people who are awarded and want them to spread their projects.

  • To Update The Targeted Audience Whenever Possible

Something constantly changes in the field of cryptography. It’s hard for people to be interested in a project for a month. As news is changing rapidly, many investors are constantly exploring the next innovative blockchain project and the next Bitcoin.

In order for the project not to fall behind, it is necessary to constantly interact with the target audience on channels such as social media and telegrams. You need to keep track of their requests and development.

  • Forming Creative PR Campaign

Press releases are important to form the basis of the project.  In addition to presenting updates on the blockchain project as a whole, press releases are perfect for attracting potential investors. In addition, a strong press release may attract more attention to the project, leaving a lasting impact on the target audience.

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