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Benefits of Investing in ICO’s

Joining an ICO has many benefits. By investing in ICO, you can basically help the company introduce the product to the market and get the opportunity to profit by trading ICO tokens.

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As in Kickstarter, the goal of every ICO participant is to fund a project that is interesting and attractive to them. But there is another opportunity to profit in this process.

Cryptotokens released to the market during ICO are sold at a fixed price in either Bitcoin or USD. Because this price is created to introduce a product not supported by anything but to be completed in the future to the market, it is pretty low. However, the real value of tokens is secured after the project is developed and introduced to the market. This leads to an increase in the price of the tokens and allows the real supporters to profit by selling their tokens.

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For example, in 2014, Ethereum’s token unit price was between $ 0.3 and $ 0.4 during the ICO process. After the product was introduced to the market in July 2015, the price of tokens increased significantly and reached 19.42 dollars. This meant that lucky participants profited over 6,000 percent.

Despite everything, keep in mind that no profit is guaranteed in this business. An ICO campaign may produce unsuccessful results, and in such a case the contributions of the senders are returned. There is always a likelihood that the token prices will not increase, and the participant needs to consider this before contributing to an ICO project.

Where Can I Find Projects That Start Their Own ICOs?

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There are platforms that make it easy to find and participate in an ICO event. These platforms are Waves, ICO Bazaar and etc.

Many block-chain projects announce their ICOs on their website. As a result, the activity is announced to a limited number of people and can only be considered as a second option. You cannot expect a lot of people to see it just by announcing from your own webpage.

That is why people have created platforms that bring ICO events of different initiatives together; just like Kickstarter and Indiegogo established for projects that are not included in the block-chain platform.

Ironically,’ some of these platforms created funds through their own ICOs. Examples include;

  • Waves
  • State of the Dapps

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