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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency used and sent electronically. Bitcoin, which is not under the control of an institution or person, is a network of decentralized partners. The unit of value transferred through the Bitcoin network is called Bitcoin (BTC).

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Bitcoin was introduced to a small group in 2009 by a software specialist or group, nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto, who made the mathematical basis of it in 2008. Bitcoin’s starting point was to produce an exchange tool that could be transferred electronically, safely, verifiably and invariably, and independently of any central authority.
Bitcoin is being produced all over the world by computers with free software. The Bitcoins, whose number is limited to 21 million, can be divided up to a hundred million, and this smallest one is named after the founder of the Bitcoin, “Satoshi”.

How did Bitcoin appear?

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Despite over 10 years, Satoshi Nakamoto defines himself as a man living in Japan at 37, and the speculations about who he really is continue to exist, but his identity is still unclear. His perfect English and his Japanese software knowledge arouse suspicions about his identity and Nakamoto is estimated to have about 1 million Bitcoins. By mid-2010, Satoshi Nakamoto, who transferred Bitcoin to some of the leading members of the BTC community, chose Gavin Andresen as the leader of the software team. Following Nakamoto’s transfer of the project, Gavin Andresen’s main focuses are on the preservation of the decentralized structure of Bitcoin.

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