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Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Turkey and the Rest of the World

In order to buy cryptocurrency, you can use the accounts of international stock exchanges other than the cryptocurrency exchanges in the country you are in. All cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC), the first cryptocurrency, are called altcoins and there are approximately 1600 altcoins.

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If you have decided to buy coins, you need to have your cryptocurrency wallet. You can choose between desktop, web, mobile, paper or hardware wallets. You can buy the cryptocurrency with your credit card, or a friend can transfer coin to your digital wallet. Many stock exchanges also have their own crypto-wallets. You can keep your coins on the stock exchange or transfer to your crypto wallet. When you make transactions, you just need to transfer the coins from your crypto wallet to the stock exchange.

Local and international stock exchanges offer to sell or trade coins directly with credit card. Exchange markets allow exchange between cross-currencies. Because trading in exchange for money is subject to taxation or regulation, and because many countries do not yet have legislative on this, exchange markets are more common.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Turkey

There are currently 4 stock exchanges in Turkey. The first Bitcoin stock BTCTurk opened in Turkey is the first stock exchange listing Ethereum trading with Turkish Lira (TL). Koinim, which was opened after BTCTurk, is the first stock exchange to start Litecoin (LTC) trading with TL in Turkey. In Paribu with its system that enables the user to reach BTC with simple steps, only BTC can be purchased with TL. Koineks, which started serving in early October 2017, is the first platform in Turkey to list multiple sub-coins. Bitturk, the last to open in Turkey, did not receive commissions from BTC and ETH transactions until April 15, 2018. In Bitturk, you can deposit a minimum of 100 TL.

If you want to buy BTC, you can open an account at Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitstamp and Poloniex, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges. Most stock exchanges accept payments by bank transfer or credit card; some also accept transfers via PayPal. Transaction fees vary from stock exchange to stock exchange. You should choose the stock exchange that shares all the details transparently with you.

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Once you have bought the cryptocurrency, if available, you can use the wallet service of the exchange from which you have bought the currency. If you do not find this safe, you can set up an offline, that is desktop wallet on your hard disk or buy a hardware wallet to keep your cryptocurrency.

If you want to trade BTC and different altcoins, after buying Dogecoin or other in the local stock exchange, it would make more sense to transfer them to the global stock exchange and get BTC or other altcoins there without entering large exchange markets.

For example, you have opened an account at the local cryptocurrency market BTCTurk and you have a cryptocurrency wallet. You need to identify your cryptocurrency wallet to the account you have opened at BTCTurk. You can transfer money from your cryptocurrency wall to the stock exchange and buy from the coins offered at the stock exchange. If you wish, you can transfer the coins transferred with transaction fee (in coin) to your account in the stock exchange to your cryptocurrency wallet and keep there. When you want to trade again, you need to transfer the coins in your wallet to your account in the stock exchange.

Many global stock markets also offer trading opportunities with currencies such as Euro and the Japanese Yen other than US Dollar. If you are going to trade in Turkey, after you transfer money to the local stock exchange and buy BTC or other coin, it makes more sense to exchange these coins with different coins in the global stock market. If you want to trade BTC and other altcoins, you can transfer your coins to the large exchange markets after you buy from the local stock exchange.

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