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Opinion Leaders Who Should Be Followed on Cryptocurrency

Along with the development of Bitcoin since 2008 and the emergence of other cryptocurrencies, the sector has grown, developed and created many areas of thought.

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Today, the interest in cryptocurrency is known on the subjects that are spoken in the nearby environment and investigated on the internet. With the growth of this industry day by day, professional experts emerged in this issue.

The opinion leaders that should be followed about cryptos are as follows:

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Don Tapscott: Media theorist, The author of many books on blockchain and crypto currencies

Vitalik Buterin: The creator of Ethereum

Gilles Babinet: French entrepreneur with many startups, the French Digital Champion.

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Vinny Lingham: Founder and CEO of Civic Key

Michael Mainelli: Scientist and financier who promotes social progress through better finance and technology.

Jim Marous: Partner publisher of The Financial Brand and owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report.

Brett King: The founder and CEO of Moven/one of the best selling writers, Innovator of the Year.

Charlie Lee: the creator of Litecoin

Brock Pierce: The founder of more than 10 Fintech companies.

Sally Eaves: CTO and an opinion leader on the issues such as the emerging technologies, online media, social innovation.

Roger Ver: the first investor of Bitcoin.com, blockchain.com, BitPay, Kraken, Purse.io in the world.

Erik Voorhees: CEO of ShapeShift.

Tuur Demeester: Economist and investor, the Chief Editor of Adamant Research.

Bruce Porter Jr.: American entrepreneur.

Dinis Guardia: The founder and CEO of Intelligent HQ.

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