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Cryptocurrency used in UAE

There are some trading platforms and cryptocurrencies that affect the market in the United Arab Emirates. The most important of these are...

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With Dubai-based BitOasis in the UAE,it is possible to benefit from services such as cryptocurrency trading and warehousing services for the MENA region and to buy Bitcoin through this platform.  The prominent feature of online exchange platforms like BitOasis, you can buy “bits” instead of Bitcoin with the investment starting at $ 10 on some sites. Transaction fees generally vary from 0.2 to 1 percent of the currency purchased.

Bitcoins are stored in a “digital wallet” that can be linked directly to a bank account in the Dubai Media-based cloud and computers facilitating payment with Bitcoin ATMs such as Visa or MasterCard.

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ArabianChain, a local cryptocurrency, was introduced in February 2016 to provide secure payment and money transfer and began entering the market in April 2017. ArabianChain developed a public platform for smart contracts through block-chain technology. The platform was set up to increase blockchaining within organizations. Also, in order to help MENA companies successfully integrate their blockchain technology into its own, it holds workshops and training sessions.


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GoldGuard, a gold trading platform, and Dubai-based OneGram launched a fully sharia-compatible cryptocurrency supported with gold.   The company has already launched its first ICO offer aimed at capitalizing more than $ 500 million.  This new type of cryptocurrency uses block-chain technology to create a currency linked to a gram of gold.

The idea behind it is that money, backed by physical gold, guarantees security and transparency for the buyer.

Money Trade Coin

Money Trade Coin took steps to lead the cryptocurrency knowledge and to trade money through the Money Trade platform. Furthermore, this platform also includes the Cryptocurrency Academy, which aims to educate younger generations about digital currency usage and trade. The management also aims to establish other businesses such as e-commerce and e-travel desk based on Money Trade Coin. Money Trade Coin claims to be the first secure cryptocurrency to implement the highest standards with KYC and AML when combined with an ultra-secure wallet.

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