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Donation with Bitcoin

In addition to being used as a payment system, currency or investment instrument, the Bitcoin payment system is frequently used as a fundraising tool in recent times.

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Although the inadequate knowledge of enterprises and anonymous characteristics of Bitcoin do not make Bitcoin very reliable as a method of payment, this does not keep Bitcoin from being preferred payment method in transparent payments such as donations and charities. This makes Bitcoin a superior tool that can be used in various fields. For example; crypto-money fundraising provides us with clarity and transparency that we can not find in traditional fundraising methods.

What makes Bitcoin important in this regard? In the philanthropy and fundraising “business”, many CEOs and charitable organizations are collecting donations that are considered to be precious.  But what percentage of these donations are actually delivered to those who need it?

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This is much more different for the payment methods used with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies than traditional methods. Because, while granting donor anonymity thanks to the Bitcoin infrastructure, it also permits follow-up of what donations are being used for.

This also responds to the question marks in the donor’s head while avoiding abuses, such as total amount being seen by everyone. In addition, charitable donors who make donations with Bitcoin can make their donations transparently, and the system also allows donations to be passed on to the recipient. All this systematic functioning signifies that our donation systems will undergo a drastic change with Bitcoin in the near future.

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