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How Do You Use Blockchain Technology in Video Games?

The modern world is expanding as people adopt the video game industry as a hobby. There are 1.3 billion players worldwide. Does it seem good to improve this hobby with the blockchain technology? Let's now take a look at how blockchain technology will be used in video games.

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In-Game Accessories Products

Over the past two decades, the attraction of in-game accessories has undergone an interesting transformation. These are basically items bought with token money, such as items/costumes that the players can buy. The digital market, like Steam, has also spread to popular gaming platforms, allowing users to share their players with others. Although this digital market is not physical or does not offer real bonuses, it is very searched.

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Any bit trading system can be developed in this sector with blockchain technology. Currently, users do not trust third parties due to fraudulent activity. With a blockchain system, users can trade in return for a digital currency. These coins can then be used for discounts, giving them real value.

Help of the Blockchain for Game Developers

What game developers do after developing a product is to put it into the sector, but they may not have enough money to promote their game effectively.

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How will the blockchain help for this? To ensure the development of the game, the producers may put a reward system into effect. Players take the token to try and evaluate the games, then they can download the game through the tokens and have discounts in the game. This system also enables the advertisement of the game and encourages the users.

A Game on Blockchain

This step was taken by a game called CryptoKitties this year. The basis of this game is based on the proliferation of cats and the formation around trade. Each cat in the game is unique and is the child of the other two cats. The cats can not be destroyed and can not exist forever.  But new ones can be raised twice.

Cats can be bought or sold for ethereum. All these operations are also done through the blockchain. More interestingly, each cat is basically a cryptocurrency with a unique value in the blockchain.

Over the past several months, the gaming venture capital firm has received $12,000,000 CryptoKitties by investors under the leadership of Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. It only shows how potent the game is. And it gives an example for the future game developers regarding how blockchain can be used.


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