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How Video Games will Drive Blockchain?

The acceptance of Blockchain payment method is relatively slow but there are many influencing factors, which will help the mainstream to accept and adopt in the following months.

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One of the biggest reason for blockchain adoption is actually the video games industry; specifically the improving number of games which are basing themselves on blockchains. By doing this, they are accustoming the public with how distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency in general work. The video game industry is in fact growing immensely with new products as well as technology and expected to be worth roughly $138 billion by the end of 2018. This sort of big industry’s application of blockchain will allow other industries to start accepting the blockchains faster.

What is expected in the future of video games industry?

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 The virtual games have one major thing common with the blockchains; they have enabled their virtual economy and that is how they monetize as of today. Thus, the virtual economy by definition has an extensive synergy with the blockchain. Games such as the Spell of Genesis, Ether Quest, CryptoKitties are all revolved around the ownership and trading of items. With the use of blockchains in games, it provides the gamers with a transparent proof of ownership, which is not provided by any technology before. Furthermore, ‘’Any addictive products are able to attract an audience and the games have always been an app category that is sitting on top of the DAU (daily active users) ranks.’’ Also the games are mostly played by kids, who are actually the future as well as the blockchain.

Nonetheless, the blockchain-based games will endow the public with a variety of transferable skills and attitudes. The adoption will also require more than just blockchain-based games. By using the cryptocurrency-based platforms, people will also be able to re-sell their games as well.

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