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Payment in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are now very widespread. Trading and payment through the cryptocurrencies system have been popular among traders around the world. Buying and paying using cryptocurrencies makes it easy to buy, pay, and transfer money. You do not need to go to banks to transfer money, and you do not need to go to stores to buy goods.

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Many people think that paying in cryptocurrencies is difficult because they do not understand the cryptocurrencies system, so we will explain how to pay using cryptocurrencies.

How to Use Cryptocurrencies to Pay

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Direct Payment

This is the most obvious and most widely used method. Direct payment is made through the user’s digital wallet. The Bitcoin is easily transferred from one person to another through this wallet. Once the sender sends money from the wallet, the recipient receives it through his wallet.

There are a lot of e-shops and e-restaurants that accept payment in this way. Such e-restaurants, companies, and websites have a digital wallet through which they receive money.

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Android Applications

After Bitcoin has become a major currency in the whole world, a set of different Android applications was created to facilitate transactions using cryptocurrencies everywhere. As long as a person owns an Android device with these programs installed in it, and he has an internet connection, he can deal with Bitcoin easily and simply without any trouble.

One of the most popular applications for dealing and payment with cryptocurrencies in  “Windows Phone”  is “Bitcoin Wallet”. It is simple and easy to use to pay in encrypted currency. The store (Windows Phone) offers a range of other applications that can be used to deal and pay using cryptocurrencies.IOSalso offers a set of applications that allow users of Apple devices to deal and pay using crypto currencies.

CoinBox  Application For  Traders

This application is designed specifically for traders who want to facilitate dealing with customers, and send money to them easily. Through this application, the trader can send or receive money easily, but this application is available to send or receive only small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is good for small business owners. People who deal with large amounts should look for another option.

The most important companies that accept payment in cryptocurrencies

There are many large and global companies that accept payments in cryptocurrencies to make it easy for users. The most important companies that accept payment in Bitcoin are:


PayPal is one of the first companies that accept dealing and payment in digital currencies and crypto currencies. PayPal started to use crypto and digital currencies at the beginning of 2014. It developed its services by allowing users to sell their digital currencies for money through their own PayPal accounts in 2016.


In late 2014, Microsoftannounced that it would accept dealing in crypto and digital currencies and allowed its users to use these currencies to buyWindows and Xbox  from the Microsoft Store.


Expedia is one of the largest travel agencies operating on the Internet. It has allowed its users to pay using cryptocurrencies for booking hotels around the world.


WordPress is one of the most popular platforms supporting millions of sites on the Internet. WordPress has accepted payment using digital currency through its famous company “BitPay”

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