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Popular Crypto Money Wallets of 2018

All cryptocurrencies need a wallet. Although cryptocurrency exchanges have made ready for us wallets in their own system, our coins in these applications are never fully secure. We have prepared a list of 2018's most reliable and most preferred digital wallets so that we do not let looters steal our coins.

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A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that stores the private and public keys required to log
in to your account without having to look directly at your account, allows users to send and
receive digital money, and interacts with the blockchain system to do these all efficiently from digital wallet. Here are some of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets of 2018:

Most Popular Digital Wallets

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Although Ledger is quite similar in design and character to Trezor, it is a wallet designed for
customers looking for a much higher level of security. The display on the ledger looks like a
USB memory and here, you can store your Bitcoin and other subcoins comfortably. Also, if
the Ledger is not connected to the computer, it cannot provide access to the internet. User-
friendly Ledger is an extremely useful digital wallet for users who seek a high level of privacy.


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Armory is a digital wallet that has positioned itself as a favorite among advanced Bitcoin
users and has advanced safety precautions. This app offers a wide range of security and
privacy features not widely found in other wallets.
In addition, Armory reaches users with a variety of encryption and cold storage options that
provide good financial flexibility.


The Electrum is one of the first Bitcoin-specific digital wallets that emphasize speed and
simplicity using fewer resources. It is compatible with both standard desktop computers and
Android devices. In addition to successful processing speed and well-developed security
options, it is also compatible with Ledger and Trezor wallets.


Exodus is a free software wallet that became very popular among Bitcoin owners over the
last year. With this digital wallet, you can trade all your sub-currencies from one place
without any problems. With Exodus that is just a desktop wallet for the moment you can
store all of your information and private keys on your own computer and use it safely since

you will not be storing it on a central server. You can also exchange cryptocurrencies
instantly with this application.


Mycelium is a mobile wallet with advanced privacy and security features and is ideal for
more experienced Bitcoin users. The Mycelium code is open source, which is a good choice
for those looking for a high level of anonymity in crypto transactions. It takes a while to get
used to the interface of this wallet which is constantly developed by an innovative, large,
active team, but it is undoubtedly one of the safest wallet options on the market.


The Trezor is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that was first launched by Satoshi Lab to the market
in 2013 to store a large amount of Bitcoin. Trezor has an intuitive interface that can be used
by novice and expert users. It is also compatible with other external wallets, since it also has
a large lower base. In addition to all its advantages, it has high-quality security features.
Although there are many hardware Bitcoin wallets similar to this in the market, it is possible
to say that Trezor has so far been the globally best-selling Bitcoin wallet that has received
the least complaints.


Jaxx is a Bitcoin software wallet specifically designed for use on smartphones. This wallet
gives you incredible encryption mobility without any risk. In terms of usability, Jaxx is
compatible with IOS, Android and desktop computers. It gives users an incredible control
over its private keys and also allows them to perform fast QR transactions with a single key.
Another impressive feature of this wallet is that it is compatible with smartphones with the
shapeshift integration.

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