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Top 10 Companies Accepting Bitcoin as a Payment Method

As the first known digital currency, Bitcoins actually take control of the current cryptocurrency market. In recent years, we have heard a lot of cryptocurrencies, and experts suggest that they will take over financial transactions all over the world in the future.

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However, when we examine this situation, there are two questions we need to ask: Who accepts Bitcoin? And who uses Bitcoin?

Among many people, Bitcoin is a currency that leads to false ideas.  The main reason for this is the lack of information about businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

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Many companies accept the cryptocurrency as a “Legitimate Funding Source” and that’s wrong.

For this reason, if you are interested in asking “who or where” about Bitcoin, then this article has the answer you want.

Here are some of the best companies in the world who accept Bitcoin as a payment method:

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  • Wikipedia

As we all know, Wikipedia is an online open source encyclopedia. But what most people do not know is that they accept Bitcoin as a payment method because of their partnership with CoinJolt.


As a retail company, Overstock is the first major online company to accept Bitcoin since January 2014.  Users can use Bitcoins to shop home products, clothing items, baby items, furniture and many other products.

Overstock is evolving day by day and along with Bitcoin, he is also accepting other currencies like Litecoin, Moreno, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

  • Paypal

As you know, Paypal provides a secure online platform for e-commerce transactions.  It accepts Bitcoin as one of the payment methods for a certain period and works with companies such as Coinbase, GoCoin and BitPay for BTC.

Recently, their partnership with Braintree has enabled millions of users to receive, sell and transmit their own funds using Bitcoin. The eCommerce payment giant plans to add Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to their systems as a payment method in the future.

  • EGifter

It is one of the worldly known gift card website mobile applications that sell gift cards of various places such as Sephora, Amazon, Kohl, and Home Depot.

EGifter works with Coinbase as a Bitcoin partner. The best thing here is that users can use Bitcoins by purchasing a gift card for places that do not “directly accept Bitcoin”.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft has begun to accept Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. Using Bitcoin, you can only deposit money into a Microsoft account that can be used to purchase movies, games and apps from Xbox stores, Windows and the Microsoft online store.  Remember that the Microsoft Bitcoin deposit is non-refundable.

  • Newegg

Newegg is among the world’s largest electronics retailers who have accepted Bitcoin as a payment method.

Newegg works with Bitpay as a payment processing partner for the digital currency.  To purchase something from Newegg by using Bitcoin, you need to select Bitcoin under Payment Methods and complete the steps.

  • Expedia

The world’s largest online travel booking agency, Expedia has allied with Coinbase to adopt the cryptographic payment method. As a result, users have been using Bitcoin for hotel bookings since June 2014.

However, please note that Bitcoin payment is only accepted for hotel reservations at the moment. Nonetheless, the company intends to expand this payment method for other payments such as activities, flights and more.

  • Shopify

At Shopify, you can set up as many personal online stores as you can such as other platforms like Etsy and eBay. At the beginning of 2013, Shopify came out as one of the popular companies that accepted Bitcoin. Like PayPal’s crypto schemes, they can also receive payments in other currencies in the future.

  • Dish

It is an internet service network and satellite television provider that received the first Bitcoin payment in August 2014. Dish is the first subscription-based provider to adopt Bitcoin and accept Bitcoin.

Options for customers to make payments are available on for a one-time payment only, or online by using a bank card, credit card, or bank account.

  • Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a commercial flight company owned by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, the brain behind many companies like Virgin Airline and Virgin Mobile. Virgin Galactic accepts Bitcoin as a payment method and for this reason you can buy your ticket via Bitcoin.

As a result, it is obvious that many companies around the world have accepted this change by using Bitcoin as a payment method. With this trend, competition will increase with the sector’s growth and sooner or later every online company will use Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies as payment tools, who knows?

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