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What is The Difference Between BTC and ETH?

Ethereum and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrency projects that are produced for different purposes though they are often compared. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and money transfer system supported by distributed and open registry technology called blockchain.

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While Bitcoin is relatively stable and today stands as the most successful cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a multipurpose platform in which Ether is only part of smart contract applications.

Bitcoin and Ethereum’s cryptocurrency approaches are completely different. While Bitcoin production is limited to only 21 million units, a potential Ether source can be practically endless. Moreover, Bitcoin’s average block mining duration is 10 minutes, while Ethereum is targeted not to be more than 12 seconds, which means faster approval.

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Today, the success of Bitcoin mining is based on enormous amounts of computing power and electricity, and now Bitcoin mining is not a profitable business or investment by itself. On the other hand, Ethereum’s proof of work algorithm still encourages decentralized mining by individuals.

The most important difference between the two projects is that Ethereum’s internal code has Turing integrity, that is, it has an alternate structure that can calculate everything as long as it has power and time. Bitcoin, however, does not have a structure designed with this capability in mind.  While Turing’s integration offers virtually limitless possibilities to Ethereum users, this complex structure can also mean inviting some security vulnerabilities at the same time.

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