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5 High Potential Altcoins in 2018

Because of the high price of Bitcoin, using altcoins for those new to the crypto currency market can be a more profitable and cheaper investment alternative. In addition, Altcoins will substitute for Bitcoin thanks to their transaction rates and fees, becoming the new popular currency of the crypto market. Here are 5 highest-potential altcoins in 2018.

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1. Steem

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Combining crypto mining with dictionary/blog format, Steem achieved a huge success in a very short time. Together with a 3-second processing speed, Steem also has a platform called Steemit. In this channel working with a decentralized system, users can write what they want in any area they want. In addition, the content created by users is voted on by other users, and then, people win Steem Coin. The other most distinguished feature of Steem is that it has its own dollar. Steem has released its own dollar value in order to stabilize it against the US Dollar, and Steem Dollar is traded on all major cryptocurrency stocks. For Steem, who has already created a tremendous impact and is appreciated increasingly, we can say that it is the most known project based on blockchain in the crypto-world.

2. Ark

Ark coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to offer innovative blockchain technology to users, developers, and new ventures. What is making Ark distinguishing is that it put SmartBridge technology into practice. SmartBridge, It is a technology that allows the blockchains established by Ark to connect to each other and to communicate with each other. Another feature which makes it unique is that it can perform network processing in about 8 seconds. Ark, which stands out with its low cost and unlimited time period, offers its investors and cryptocurrency followers the opportunity to be a profitable investment means in short- and medium-term.

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IOTA is a cryptocurrency that is scalable, decentralized, modular and transaction-free, working for the internet of things (IOT). IOTA differs from others in that it is not based on blockchain technology on the contrary to the altcoins we list. Using a technology called Tangle, IOTA performs its transactions through constantly changing addresses whenever this process is performed, which shows us that IOTA has a secure system. To create an IOTA wallet, you need to create an 81-character password. IOTA also has unlimited trading rates without miners.

4. Monero

Monero is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency. Although it is a safe, personal and confidential currency, it can also show transparency on demand at the same time. Contrary to popular opinion, Bitcoin is not really anonymous cryptocurrency. If you want an anonymous coin Monero is definitely number 1 among those recommended. Monero differs from Bitcoin since it is dynamically scalable. In addition, the fact that everything in Monero’s system is confidential and inaccessible means that we do not know who has how much money. Working in a blockchain system, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the like, Monero makes it impossible to follow receiver and sender addresses retrospectively among Monero wallets taking a different approach.

5. Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency created by developers who left Ripple in 2014. It also has an open-source code system developed using blockchain technology that provides the cross-border facility of payment. The task of this cryptocurrency is to fight by simplifying the process of sending money to the underdeveloped countries. Stellar is a good investment for the future as it focuses on underdeveloped countries. High-profile partnerships with Deloitte and IBM also show that Stellar Lumens will become a high-potential cryptocurrency.

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