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Bitcoin in Scrabble: Easy 11 Points!

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We are seeing the evidence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies getting recognition from the world each day and today, Scrabble is responsible for that.

The popular game called Scrabble also added Bitcoin to its newly updated dictionary and you could make an easy 11 points by simply writing Bitcoin! The letters ‘B’ and ‘C’ are three points each, and adding the other characters of the word Bitcoin, you can now earn a solid eleven points when playing Scrabble.

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Also the game added word ‘Cryptocurrency’ and you can score a magnificent 28 points by simply writing that.

Merriam Webster last updated the dictionary four years ago. Of course, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were present at this stage but massive adoption and knowledge came towards to 2017 bull run. They pointed out:

It’s important to remember that new words are added to the dictionary only when they have already been used by many people—often initially by specialists or subcultures. Then, gradually, a word’s use spreads to the rest of us.

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Looking back to the greater point of view, we can see that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are at present in a couple of dictionaries for a while. As you might already know, the dictionaries are updated every single year, but Scrabble is a bit late. It’s safe to say better late than ever though!

Everyone in the cryptocurrency industry knows that the adoption is growing. Of course Scrabble game is not the strongest indicator ever to be seen, but it’s still refreshing to see these words are used every day, in our normal life cycle. After the necessary regulations and updates across the system, we are hoping to see it’ll soon to become part of our life. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, despite the continuous bad news, we can say that. And we are very happy to be a part of that!

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