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Bitcoin in The Real Estate Sector in Turkey

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, appears in the real estate sector in Turkey. Although there are some obstacles in the US and China, last year in Dubai, the British Knox Group had attracted attention by releasing the project with Bitcoin. Turkey also experienced a similar trend and a real estate project in Beytepe, Ankara announced it would make sales with Bitcoin, which is the first in Turkey.

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The British Knox Group, which will begin the $325 million residential and commercial real estate project, put this project on the market in return for Bitcoin while people discuss the future of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is produced in the digital world and attracts many investors for not being able to pass the state inspections. After this move, which is an important step for Bitcoin to become one of the mainstream financial instruments that gained 350 percent value in the past year, a real estate project in Ankara called Miavita was announced to be sold with Bitcoin.

The main difference of the Miavita Beytepe Project from the existing site projects with swimming pool and parking area is the possibility of buying with Bitcoin. In the project, aiming to integrate Bitcoin investors into this project, customers will be able to transfer the entire price of the apartment, its down payment or its installment depending on the Bitcoin portfolio size via BTC Türk, one of the Bitcoin stocks in Turkey. The company will receive payment in return for TL equivalent.

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How to pay with Bitcoin?

The most important feature of Bitcoin, which was introduced in mathematical level by a software specialist whose nickname is Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and turned into a cryptocurrency, is that it is not controlled by any authority. This virtual money that anyone who mines can produce had gained value in the last few years. Th Bitcoin’s most common use is online shopping. Thanks to virtual wallets, Bitcoin can be used for online shopping.

There are many stocks that have become bridges between real money and Bitcoin, which has become a profitable investment instrument with its value in nine years, and other alternative digital currencies. The sun side of the picture is that in many currencies, especially in Bitcoin, all transactions (except cryptocurrencies like Monero especially that hide it), are kept in unchangeable and public open distributed databases called Blockchain.

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