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Dubai Blockchain Strategy

Initiated by Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai Blockchain Strategy was established in cooperation with the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation in order to continuously use and explore the innovations of technology, to use this technology more efficiently and safely. Here are the details of Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

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The aim of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, developed in line with block-chain technology which is a very powerful tool that shapes the future of the Internet with simple yet highly secure processes is to help Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktum realize his vision by increasing the quality of life in Dubai and making Dubai the most livable city in the world.

Dubai is Preparing to Produce its own Cryptocurrency in 2020

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Global Blockchain Council was established in Dubai to adopt the latest technologies and innovation practices on a global scale. The council has 46 members with the potential to become key players in the blockchain industry. Council members include government agencies, international companies, BAE banks, free zones, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Cisco, TECOM, Dubai Holding, Dubai Multi Commodity Center, Emirates NBD, Smart Dubai Office and Smart Dubai Government and many international technology companies.

Dubai Blockchain Strategy initiated by Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan was established in cooperation with Smart Dubai Office and Dubai Future Foundation. This collaboration was initiated with the mission of constantly exploring, evaluating and improving lifestyles of the newest innovations.
The aim of the strategy is to position Dubai as a global technology leader by providing an economic advantage in all sectors and to be the first economy in the world that will have and operate its own cryptocurrency until 2020.
In line with these objectives; Dubai Blockchain Strategy was built on the following three items:

  1. Government Efficiency: The strategy will contribute to the increase of government efficiency by promoting widespread digitization and official documents such as visa applications, bill payments and license renewals will be processed through this strategy.
  2. Industry Generation: The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will offer a system that will enable citizens and business partners to create new business areas using technology. With these new strategies, the block-chain will provide people with thousands of jobs in the private sector. In the fields such as real estate, fin-technology, banking, health, transportation, urban planning, intelligent energy, digital commerce and tourism, this technology will be used.
  3. International Leadership: In this strategy, the Blockchain Platform will be opened to increase the safety and comfort of international travelers to Dubai. International travelers will be able to enter in faster with pre-approved passports and visas. Travelers will be able to benefit from services like approved driving license and car rental. They will be able to use advanced tourism and pre-verified temporary wallets and payment methods. This strategy will be achieved through Global Trust Network with partners in Europe, North America and Asia.

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