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Initiatives That Will Possibly Succeed in 2018

There is a growing number of blockchain-based initiatives launched into the market. We have compiled for you a list of blockchain-based initiatives that will possibly be successful in 2018.

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Every initiative that uses blockchain technology aims to transform the everyday world somehow. Some applications are expected to be more successful when achieving this goal.
Although these initiatives are described in detail; they cannot always help foreign investors or those who are unfamiliar with the blockchain world.

Here are some initiatives that are expected to be successful in 2018

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Smart contracts are a major component of the cryptocurrency and blockchain, and Agrello aims to revolutionize those components.

Agrello, an Estonian company, aims to combine artificial intelligence with legal documents to bring smart contracts to people who do not have blockchain experience. W Whatever the user’s programming experience or legal knowledge, Agrello’s interface allows for the creation of legally binding smart contracts that run spontaneously over the Ethereum network.

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Micro-credit allows individuals that receive inadequate services to access a broader financial system. In this context, Bloom plans to move this concept further with the idea of a decentralized, block-based network.
With a new credit score type called Bloomscore, Bloom allows non-credit based payment information to be used. Thus, individuals who have not previously been able to access credit and other traditional banking mechanisms can benefit from these services.


The finance market has long been managed by contracts of different kinds. For standardized financial institutions around the world and about 2 billion people without access to them, Everex offers the opportunity to benefit from services such as currency exchange and money order. It does so with a technology called “CryptoCash,” which links a token value of a cryptocurrency to a specific currency priced. With this technology, users can convert their local currency into an encrypted network via the Everex platform, thus accessing to a global service network.


Most of the initiatives above show that blockchain-based companies focus on the financial world. Aside from this, another promising feature of blockchain technology is that it has non-financial applications.

For example, Selfkey is an initiative that tries to address identity issues. As digital identities became increasingly widespread and complex in the past decade, complex property issues also emerged. While Selfkey provides users and organizations with full possession of their digital identity using blockchaining technology, it also allows a user to use his digital identity to control many features from citizenship to banking in one place

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