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Dash Wants to Raise Cryptocurrency Adoption in Africa

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Dash recently announced that Dash Africa and Dash Hub Africa made significant headway in driving the adoption of DASH cryptocurrency across Africa.

African countries like Ghana and Nigeria are currently using DASH thanks to a cryptocurrency platform called Bitrefill. Bitrefill is a company that allows its users to make payments with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on their mobile phones.

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Meanwhile, Dash Africa is a non-profit organization that is aiming to promote cryptocurrencies for better causes such as economic stability.

Dash Hub Africa stated consumers are expected to use Dash as a currency when they are paying their bills, vouchers and subscriptions. Company went onto say:

“Africa continent with Real-time use of $Dash… Remittance to Africa is over $63 Billion yearly with Expensive charges. The Dash Hub Africa project is to divert Remittances to Africa through Dashpay as a DigitalCash payment solution offers the best features with a low transaction fee.”

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Dash Africa hoping to make DASH a base currency across Africa and they are working very hard to achieve their dream. Company aiming to raise the adoption of cryptocurrency and paying bills with DASH is certainly a good idea.

Not just Africa, DASH hoping to raise its adoption in Venezuela, another unstable country economically. Alejandro Echeveria, the director of DASH Venezuela said they are working very hard to convince Venezuelan citizens use DASH. He stated:

“Dash is a cryptocurrency that is mainly based on being a means of payment: to be fast, to have almost imperceptible commissions, and to be an open cryptocurrency, exchangeable by any cryptoactive and any fiduciary currency worldwide.”

This all sounds a pretty good idea to be honest. If DASH manages to make its currency to use worldwide, then they will likely to achieve very good results. As we already know, lots of economically unstable countries have turned their attention to crypto’s and DASH certainly looking to make the most of it.

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