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Ethereum Has Exceeded the Level of $700

At around $650 in late April, Ethereum managed to beat $700 in the first week of May. While Ethereum and dollar parity are still going on, Ethereum is trading at 755 USD as of May 4.

Ethereum Has Exceeded the Level of 700
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At around $400 at the beginning of April, Ethereum has risen as of the mid-April and reached the level of $755.

Ethereum, which was at the level of $1.330 in December, has renewed confidence with this rise after the decline. The most notable price forecasting regarding Ethereum by analysts and experts is that “Ethereum will be 3-4 thousand dollars at the end of the year!”

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Alexis Ohanian, one of Reddit’s founders, had even more ambitious predictions: “Ethereum will reach $ 15,000 by the end of 2018.” This assumption is based on the fact that Ethereum is a platform that is constantly being developed by people and always vibrant. Ohanian also points out that the Bitcoin’s reach to $10,000 after months contributed to the rise of Ethereum.

In an interview with, Maxwell Arnold, co-author of Laser Whitepaper in Blockchain, said of Ethereum: “ETH, which is easy to use and reliable, will start to be used by more platforms. The clear advantages of implementing the Casper protocol make ETH stand out against other cryptocurrencies. After passing the balloon stage, the ETH will gradually rise in the coming months and will see $800-900 at the end of the year.”

Features of Ethereum

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The whole Ethereum system is supported by a global system called “nodes”. Nodes are volunteers who load all the Ethereum blockchains on their desktops and implement the consensus of ​​the system entirely, keep the network honest and obtain rewards. Many other aspects of the network are defined by “smart contracts”. Smart contracts are designed to automatically secure your network operations and other specific actions you have taken with third parties.

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