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Experts Warning That You Need to be Careful Cryptojacking, Ransomware

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One of the most important issues in the cryptocurrency market is certainly cryptoojacking. These terms have been mainly describing the activities that mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the will of the user. Data published by an American company called Malwarebytes Labs shows that most of the customers and companies have been affected by that.

According to data, cryptocurrency mining malware fell %26 but despite that, there is still a danger for the users. Most notably, Mikrotik routers in Brazil are responsible for that and the company suggests the price rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have resulted from an increase towards these activities.

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In the report, the company said:

“There was a slight spike in July and August for both consumers and businesses, but this pales in comparison to the massive surge in consumer detections we witnessed in October 2017, which coincided with the spike in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. From there, cryptomining detections have gradually slid downward over the year, and they are just about back to where they started before October 2017.”

The company also detected a significant rise towards crypto ransomware. This may have been caused by GrandGrab, a thing that first discovered back in January. This illicit software also demands payments in the form of DASH, a privacy orientated coin. Report continues with these words:

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“In what we consider a continuing trend of switching targets from consumers to businesses, we have observed an 88 percent increase of ransomware aimed at our business customers, the majority of which have been served GrandCrab.”

“Flipped from early last year, consumer-facing ransomware attacks have continued to decline as it becomes more and more apparent to cybercriminals that attacking businesses is more profitable than attacking grandmothers.”

It is worth noting that these two terms are different from each other. Cryptojacking occurs when browsers of the users are hacked, although ransomware is some kind of software that mines cryptocurrencies and stole their personal data.

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