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Google’s New Advertisement Including Cryptocurrency in a Most İnteresting Way! You Need to See it!

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Google was the latest company that entered the debate cryptocurrency as money. On Tuesday, the October 9 the company has argued cryptocurrencies situation in a newly published advertisement for Google Assistant Tool.

When the company explaining how the Call Screen caller ID function works, their presenters just suddenly enters a debate involving cryptocurrencies, which is pretty strange, to be honest.

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During the ad, a call coming from the ‘electric company’. And they described the call’s function as a ‘bill being super high’. Another presenter then argues “Cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy.”, and the other responds with saying, ‘Cryptocurrency? That money is not real.”

After this ad, many people on Twitter and Reddit shared their thoughts about this. Lots of social media users said they have no idea why Google choose the topic of cryptocurrencies. Considering Google’s unknown approach to the industry, questions raised even higher.

What we know for Google and cryptocurrencies, is pretty limited to say the least. For example, the company first blocked all of the cryptocurrency related advertisements in their platform earlier, but then; they performed a U-Turn to lift the ban which had initiated in June.

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Google now accepts the advertisements that coming from cryptocurrency exchanges which are based in Japan and the United States, as experts saying that other countries will allow advertising on Google very soon.

The reason for that U-Turn still unknown but given Google raising lots of money from advertising, it may seem like a wise and good decision.

Back for the advertisement, the presenter engaged in crypto mining concept continued with saying:

I’ve got news for you.

After that, the other replied:

You gonna live that lie?

It certainly looks like an interesting advertisement, to be honest. But why a company like Google just decided to put cryptocurrencies for that kind of video, remains to be known.

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