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Litecoin’s Lee: ICO’s Caused a Massive BTC Price Hike in 2017

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Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has recently spoken at the event held in San Fransisco. Lee discussed the variety of topics including Bitcoin’s price rise back in 2017. He also went on and remembered how he joined Coinbase back in 2013.

Lee said when he joined Coinbase, the CEO of the company, Brian Armstrong said Bitcoin was the main coin and that was the reason why he joined. He further explained:

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“I think when I joined Coinbase in 2013, the reason why is because I thought Bitcoin is the main coin. Bitcoin has to be adopted so it was important to make Bitcoin easy to use.”

Lee also said Bitcoin’s price hike might have been caused by the ICO’s boom back in 2017. The Litecoin founder said similar to the ICO boom back in 2017, alt coin mania started back in 2012-13. He said:

“People like to kind of gamble and make money so, its very easy for people to have ICOs and people to invest into these ICOs. I don’t think there will be another ICO explosion but I think crypto is going to go mainstream in the future. Everyone uses it for payments, that’s going to take some time but it’ll happen.”

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Lee and his Litecoin was very key to executing SegWit on Bitcoin because Litecoin has a similar structure when it comes to coding. He said:

“When I created Litecoin, I made it as a sort of complement to Bitcoin. That’s how I came up with the ‘Silver to Bitcoin’s gold’ tagline. As we saw last year Litecoin was really able to help Bitcoin a bit and I was really proud of that. I think in the future there’s definitely opportunities when Litecoin takes the first step.”

For Litecoin and Litecoin network, Lee said they are constantly working with the foundation to make Litecoin even better and raise the adoption rates. He finished his speech with saying:

“The first thing we’re coming up with is confidential transactions to hide the amount they’re sending, Monero has that, it has confidential transactions and ring signatures. I think confidential transactions would be really useful.“

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