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Matsumura: The Financial Game Have Been Changing

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Venture capitalist and Blockchain advisor Miko Matsumura has spoken at Istanbul, Turkey about what is needed for Turkey to thrive in this Blockchain ecosystem. Matsumura shared his thoughts with the audience as  he said:

Of course, it is not a secret that the financial insutitions and global economy have been in some sort of transformation. The game is now being played with different rules, that is certain. So, we can easily say this has led to many countries with new problems. They need to face it. Because, in the world, lots of central banks balance sheets are getting increasingly tighther and that has an effect amongst the people. The game is well and truly changed and the countries wanting to make something different in order to find themselves a lifeline. That is also mandatory.

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Matsumura then went on to say central banks need to make some financial innovation in order to be in the forefront of this new era. He said central banks are constantly working to improve their balance sheets. Matsumura added:

Central banks need to do something different. The game is changing and they need to adapt it very quickly. The most interesting and may be the most of important scenario that comes to my mind is something like this:

The people, the countries, the regulators are slowly fed up with Trump’s administration policies. If some certain central banks shared their forces, and decide to put Bitcoin into their central banks, then the game will change dramatically. This will has an utmost effect to Bitcoin price also. And it will be strong message, strong statement of intent. This kind of scenario can definitely happen because we are seeing the central banks are diversifying their assets constantly. Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency could be a new part of this new asset class.

Matsumura then asked by the audience that what he thinks of countries like Iran and Russia will do in spite of American sanctions. As we already know, countries like Russia and Iran have switched their attention to cryptocurrencies. Matsumura said:

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Actually, I am sitting here as an American citizen but I am not here to defend or criticise any sanctions or political stuff. It is not our topic. But, if we take a step back and looking things into an international perspective, we can say all of these steps are the part of the road towards decentralization. Right now, American expectionalism in the world are getting slowly disappear and I think this trend is going to continue by becoming stronger each day. We can see some proofs in the world about decentrezalition.

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