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Meet the NBA Player Who is Crazy About Bitcoin!

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Spencer Dinwiddie’s name might sound familiar to NBA followers. Playing for Brooklyn Nets, Dinwiddie is an important part of their roster. Currently, he is under contract with Nets and earning approx $1m per season, which is quite low considering the NBA standards.

23-year old, however, have different opinions about life, particularly Bitcoin. In a recent interview he made with popular website Bleacher Report, Dinwiddie said he is crazy about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Dinwiddie said he first engaged with Bitcoin during its rapid price rise in late 2017, and have been constantly trading BTC’s since.

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Dinwiddie said he often checks the Bitcoin prices while his teammates are busy with their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Dinwiddie said:

“If I woulda gone all-in, boy, I’d be loaded right now.”

Dinwiddie confirms that he is regularly checking websites about the latest news and makes the necessary movements in the market. He often convinced fellow NBA player Trevor Booker to join him as the duo are now well and truly Bitcoin investors.

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Dinwiddie said he has gone through almost all of the early traders have gone by, and he admitted he made lots of mistakes. But now, he considers himself more experienced and now he is only trading when it’s necessary.

Dinwiddie also said the practices is a way for him to stop Bitcoin trading as he added:

“If I knew I was going to make a trade and it would intersect with practice, I would set a super-strict sell stop.”

A Shoe Brand That Accepts Cryptos As a Payment

Dinwiddie’s sneaker sponsor also accepts Bitcoin as a payment. A shoe line called K8IROS will be released this season as he said his brand will accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Dinwiddie said, with that approach he wanted to make cryptocurrencies can be used when purchasing daily stuff like sneakers. It is safe to say that the Brooklyn Nets guard is quite an interesting character.


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