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Miko Matsumura’s Advices For the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startups

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Venture capitalist and Blockchain advisor Miko Matsumura has spoken in the event organized by Blockchain Turkey. Matsumura, who’s speech was sponsored by MenaPay, shared his thoughts about the cryptocurrency startups. During his speech, he said Turkish cryptocurrency startups need a better regulatory atmosphere as he said:

First of all I can say that Turkey and Istanbul are very unique places. People need to focus about how they will turn this uniqueness to an oppurtunity. I believe that if certain regulatory criterias are met, I think we can all see a better atmosphere here. They need to work together (regulators and startups) to create a better working sphere. It is necessary to succeed. I think if both questions will answered properly, then the Turkish startups will thrive. That is for certain.

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Matsumura then continued with what makes Malta or any other crypto friendly countries successful. He said:

Just take a look at Malta. What makes them great is they are following friendly regulatory rules. They are managing this transformation very, very well. Startups here working with lots of freedom. They now they will be cared by the government. And at the end, they are becoming more and more successful.

I also, personally experienced the working atmosphere in Malta and I think they are always going to legalise most of the sectors. That has contributed to their success so far. With the right approach and good work, they are getting better each day.



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