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Mining in the Church? Russian Police Fined Them For One Million Rubles

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An evangelist church in Russia has been accused of cryptocurrency mining. Russian press reports that the country’s police have investigated the matter and decided to fine the church for one million Russian Rubles.

Police are looking from the church to pay their electricity bills after they found out lots of computing equipment inside the building. As a result, the church decided to pay $15K worth of electricity bills but decided to take the matter to the court. They said the high electricity bill was caused by the problems inside the heating systems.

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Power company in the country, Irkutskenergo, has reported the issue. The period in the investigation was between May-August 2017. The company found out that the consumption rates were considerably higher during this period. Church’s refund will has been rejected by the court as they found the church guilty for this process.

Crypto mining is an interesting concept. It can be done at home but also people can use the mining pools. For many home miners, the electric consumption rates are quite an issue. To tackle that, miners might go to stuffs like that. Making mining on the job or in the church could be a useful idea according to them, but it is safe to say that this topic pretty debatable in terms of ethical perspective to say the least.

Others Got Caught in the Act!

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In Russia once again, a scientist working for Russia’s nuclear facility has got caught in the act earlier. They are reportedly using the workplace’s machines to mine Bitcoin and as a result they received a huge fine and their cooperation with the institution¬†canceled.

Similar event took place in Florida, too. A person who is working for the state’s Department of Citrus has arrested for his alleged movement in Bitcoin mining. Later, police found out the employee also mined Litecoin by using the workplace’s computer.


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