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Monero Now Available in African Market

Monero (XMR), one of the popular currencies in the cryptocurrency market, has also attracted the attention of African investors. Ice Cubed Exchange, which was established to buy Bitcoin in South Africa, decided to add Monero to its platform as of April 26th.

Monero Now Available in African Market
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Monero is Now Available for African Market

Ice Cubed Exchange, one of the most important trading platforms in South Africa, decided to support Monero, one of the most important “privacy” currencies in the crypto market, as of April 26th. The stock exchange also operates in the United Kingdom (England) and Nigeria.

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The post published by the Ice Cubed Exchange on April 26 is as follows:

“Monero trade markets now live on the ICE3X crypto exchange rate platform. ICE3X is the first and only cryptographic exchange that offers Xero/ZAR&XMR/BTC markets in Africa and lists Monero currency.”

iceCUBED-X now offers seven other encryption options.  XMR/ZAR, which began to be traded on April 27th, will begin to be used in May. Also, no transaction fee will be charged for XMR/BTC until 31 May.

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Gateth Grobler, CEO of ICE3X, commented on this new list:

“At the moment we think that Monero is the most appropriate for the stock because it is different from Bitcoin in basics. There is a real world use case, and in some way it has managed to stick to the “original idea” created by Bitcoin. Our users need a constantly evolving balance between a secure trading environment.  For this reason, the addition of XMR was included in our roadmap for a while.” ”

This news is good news for African cryptocurrency users among the most active in the cryptocurrency markets. In addition, Riccardo Spagni, one of Monero’s best-known core developers, is in South Africa. With this new addition, Africans will make the first contact with the famous currency.

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