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Now You Can Buy a Luxury Car With Using DASH!

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An automotive group based in the New England area of United States has sold their first car with an exchange of Dash. The company sold 2012 model Ford Fusion for $7,560 worth of DASH, meaning the buyer paid them 36,9855 Dash to get the car.

Payment was processed by the platform called Anypay, a POS application that widely used in the area of New England.

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The buyer’s name is Derrick J. Freeman and he said:

“The paying part was delightful. It was super easy. It was pretty amazing actually. Had I walked into the dealership with a stack of twenties, it would have been way more difficult. It just seemed right. Modern, efficient. It was also playful and fun whereas paper cash is way less fun. Tedious.”

After signing a partnership with AnyPay, the company now offering more than 300 vehicles to buy with cryptocurrencies. The next four cars who bought with using Dash, will get customers a decent 10% discount with the cryptocurrencies so that makes the things even more interesting.

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Freeman also said:

 “Most businesses that started accepting cryptocurrency were smaller, more marginal businesses, and we see that larger and larger businesses are accepting crypto. What normally happens is a business will accept digital cash often knowing that they can convert it to bank money. Yet almost always they learn about the benefits and decide to keep the digital cash themselves.”

It is safe to say that Dash is pretty popular in the New Hampshire. More than 80 merchants currently accepting payments in Dash and that number expected to rise in the coming months. Back in last year, a bill was passed exempting cryptocurrencies from specific financial regulations.

Dash ranks among the top 13 cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap. At the time of writing the digital coin is priced around $157 with a market cap of $187.7 Million and a low circulating supply of 8.3 million. Dash is a fork of Bitcoin and enables fast transactions that can’t be traced.

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