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Phillip Nunn: XRP Will be the ‘Microsoft of Crypto’

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Ripple has been subject of lots of talks lately due to its relationship with XRP. XRP also heavily criticized by lots of experts of being a ‘centralized’ cryptocurrency.  Despite the ongoing disagreements, it seems many of the industry experts have slowly started to change their stance for XRP and Ripple.

One of them is the CEO of Wealth Chain Capital, Phillip Nunn. Nunn was a huge Ripple naysayer but he stated he changed his opinions towards the currency. He stated on Twitter:

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“I’ve never been a supporter of #ripple $xrp. But boy they are making some serious moves. And the fact I have issues with their offering are being put aside for now as they become so important in flying the #crypto #blockchain flag… They will become the Microsoft of #crypto.”

XRP’s use case became extremely evident in the recent months and after the announcement of xRapid, it’s become much more clear. That means, gig financial institutions set to use XRP and Ripple products as investors hoping this will skyrocket the XRP price. xRapid will use XRP as a base, so cryptocurrency will facilitate cross-border transactions with an easier, cheaper and more secure way.

Ripple’s senior vice president who’s responsible for product, Asheesh Birla has spoken to CNBC about this matter as she said:

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“Banks worldwide are not first adopters of the xRapid product, but we are seeing a lot of financial institutions in general and payment providers moving forward with that product. In certain markets I think banks will move faster towards leveraging digital assets, and so it really depends on the regulation and the local market. Those countries have a lot more forward-looking regulation when it comes to digital assets, so I would envision that those would be the first bank adopters.”

XRP Price Rising as Adoption Grows

In the wake of these events, we can see decent gains for XRP prices as well. In the month of September, XRP is the best performer crypto amongst the top-10 and hoping to continue to do so.

XRP rise the monthly highs of $0,72 in September. Considering one XRP equivalent of $0,25 before the start of the month, we can say it’s huge gains for XRP investors. Whilst they are certainly pleased with the XRP’s expected comeback, many still hoping XRP will reach the $3 in the near future because a lot of them bought XRP when it was traded around those levels.

It’s certainly possible. Given XRP overtakes Ethereum to become the second leading cryptocurrency in the markets, adding xRapid to that, we can expect XRP prices continue to rise.

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