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Solve This Puzzle and Earn 137,036 XRP!

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A puzzler named Ali Kutlusoy is now offering 137,036 XRP to a person who solves his cryptographic advanced puzzle. Kutlusoy said after his puzzle solved, he will transfer all of his cryptocurrencies to the winner’s wallet address.

Kutlusoy said if no one manages to solve his puzzle the reward will then added onto the next puzzle. He tweeted:

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The XRP wallet for the first puzzle is activated and loaded with the reward of 137,036 XRP. Who will solve the puzzle? Who can assess the wallet? Only 26 hours till start of puzzle. Please retweet.

Kutlusoy said the answer will direct the winner to the XRP wallet address which contains the prize. He said the base for that XRP wallet is 20.

From 1-10 scale, 1 represents the easiest to solve while 10 means this is pretty hard to solve. The amount of this puzzle is currently stood at 4.

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After Kutlusoy’s tweet, Twitter crypto followers have been brought onto challenge as some of them claim they have already managed to solve the puzzle!

Kutlusoy said the amount is also means something. He tweeted:

While we waiting, I can explain why 137.036 XRP.

137 is a prime number.

137 is my favourite prime number.

137 (inverse FSC) is in physics a very important number and a unsolved mystery.

The “Fine Structure Constant” = 1/137.035999173. The other name of FSC is α (Alpha).

Who will solve it? Time will tell.

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