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Sony Use Blockchain Technology to Collect its Digital Data

According to a statement issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on April 26, Sony is planning to use blockchain technology to build a secure infrastructure for Digital Rights Management (DRM).

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Sony is working on the patent of creating a blockchain in content-rights management with blockchain technology. According to the patent application, the system provides tips and suggestions for other possible uses of the technology, including filing entitled “Method for Electronic Devices and Information Processing System” and the linking of tools via a common network.

Sony also plans to use blockchain-based security to bring digital rights protection not only to movies and music but also to different content types.

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It argues that the digital rights of different subjects such as television series, video, music, audio files, games, scientific data and medical data can also be managed by blockchain.

The patent issued by the USPTO has several ways to use blockchain technology. One of them is stored in block nodes whose user rights are encoded. For example; when the user buys a movie the rights are transferred to and stored in a blockchain in the main block. These rights are processed according to the blockchain since each user’s right is encoded in a specific blockchain. At the same time, the Digital Rights Management system can decrypt the media after verifying these rights in the blockchain.

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