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Tashkent to Use Blockchain for Copyright

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The Russian startup called IP chain has announced that they have reached an agreement with Uzbek officials to form a Blockchain based platform for copyright.

The president of the Russian National Intellectual Property Transactions Coordination Center (IP Chain), Andrey Krichevsky, met the head of Tashkent’s department of innovations Jasur Zakhidov at the meeting held in Moscow. Both sides reportedly agreed on a deal to implement decentralized solutions to protect copyrights.

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Zakhidov said Blockchain could help them to tackle the ongoing issues across the copyright industry. He might be right, considering the increase in counterfeit incidents over the past couple of decades.

Zakhidov further stated that with the help of Blockchain, they could protect the rights of their artists, scientists, inventors and creators even better. According to him, this might have result as the increased efficiency.

He said:

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“Our partnership […] will likely give an impetus to the development of intellectual property area in Uzbekistan. From now on they are going to know that the copyright actually works and is profitable. As a capital, we have to help authors and to show them ways to earn money.”

IP Chain also suggested that they will now start to digitalize Tashkent’s patent records in their ecosystem. The move could be a great way to start for Uzbekistan as the country stepped up their efforts to implement Blockchain related products.

IP Chain also made similar deals with the Kazak authorities earlier. The platform aiming to use Blockchain to create a more fair and efficient system across the countries and copyrights is certainly one of them.

Uzbekistan also working very hard to implement Blockchain solutions to their banking system as they are hoping to take an advantage of this situation by entering the market early. Time will tell how much success they will get over the course of few years, but it is safe to say they are on the right way.


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