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Who Wants to be Paid in Crypto? Check Ripple Survey to Find Out!

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During their highly anticipated Swell conference, Ripple has announced their first mass survey, undertaken by the company.

Ripple focused on the payments sector and the company says the results are encouraging and signalling a mass adoption is on the agenda.

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Ripple’s Chief Marketing Strategist Chris Johnson said there’s a lot of money at stake, as he continued:

The world is used to getting things, right now, on-demand. They aren’t waiting for anything. When we look at blockchain and the solutions it offers in cross-border payments, we have an opportunity to address their needs.

Ripple’s survey contained 700 participants across the 22 countries as 45 percent of them are already in production, piloting or close to signing with a blockchain provider.

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Also, an additional 18 percent stated they already have a Blockchain product in place. What’s interesting is, 75 percent of the participants stated they are extremely or very interested in using a digital asset as a settlement and base currency.

The tone coming from the Ripple company certainly contrasts with the mixed messages which came even from its own executives just several months ago.

As it was reported earlier, Ripple’s chief cryptographer David Schwartz voiced doubts in June that banks had much interest in using the company’s payment technology — an irony which was not wasted on the cryptocurrency community.

At that time, Marcus Treacher, who works at Ripple as a senior vice president of customer success added to the press that:

“The feedback from the banks is you can’t put the whole world on a blockchain,”

Ripple’s XRP token had rocketed at the end of September on news its xRapid payment network would soon go live, but subsequently lost around 13 percent over the course of Swell.

Considering the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry has been constantly improving, it’s safe to say a lot of people wants to be paid in cryptocurrencies and they are also eager to use these in their daily life. We already know the world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance is currently paying the wages of their workers in cryptocurrency, so it’s a trend seems definitely worth following. Hopefully, we will see similar stuff like this in the future.


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