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World’s First Blockchain University to be Launched Next Year

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The classes about Blockchain in the leading universities across the world have already been given to the students but a team of researchers from Oxford are now looking to open world’s first Blockchain based university and that project could go on live on next year.

The main aim of the project is the offer students lower than average costs and educate them about Blockchain. With face to face and one on one educations, the university hopes to raise talented people who’ll play a part in the future of the technology.

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The new university expected to cost around $20,000 per year and they are also in talks with the experts and world-class teachers to serve in the project as they are ready to offer competitive salaries and benefits to its personnel.

Named as a ‘Woolf University’, the founder of the platform, Joshua Broggi said:

“Woolf’s blockchain is designed to cut out the middle layer of bureaucracy between the classroom and the regulator. The platform is designed to offer students and teachers uncompromised ownership of their personal data.”

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The Woolf University set to welcome its students in Malta, a country also known as a ‘Blockchain Island’. As you might already know, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has also moved its headquarters to the country back in March.

Broggi said they first considered launching an ICO to raise funds but given the regulatory concerns and legal issues they abandoned this plan.

Despite the new concept sounds encouraging, many experts across the space expressing their concerns about this new method. For example, Michele Finck, who wrote a book called ‘Blockchain Regulation and Governance in Europe’ said there’s no need for such a concept. He added:

“At a fundamental level, the project misunderstands what a university education is about. There surely is the educational element in a strict sense but, more broadly, it’s also about learning a range of soft skills and being part of a real-world community that supports, stimulates and challenges you in your way into adulthood. From an economic perspective, I don’t see how this could work. Tuition costs are $19,200 a year. Many [universities] could benefit from embracing technology. It’s really not clear to me what blockchain would add to education.”

Despite the Finck’s doubts, Broggi said they are optimistic about their ideas as he said:

“We need to see fresh thinking about higher education because the largest group of students in human history will be looking for a university degree over the next decade. Globally, we are not prepared for that. We would need to build hundreds of new universities. I think Woolf can meet part of that need.”

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