Roger Ver: I am not Promoting Bitcoin Cash for Financial Reasons, I Believe They Are the Real Deal | Token Spoken
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Roger Ver: I am not Promoting Bitcoin Cash for Financial Reasons, I Believe They Are the Real Deal

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Roger Ver is pretty important to the cryptocurrency community. He is a pretty interesting person to say the least, as he said he is one of the earliest investors to this cryptocurrency space after making his initial debut back in 2011.

Ver said, he studied computer science and economics to understand Bitcoin values better as he said:

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“There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that people were going to start using it as money. And like anything, the price is set by supply and demand.

Because the supply of Bitcoin was limited, as more and more people demanded to start using it as money, the price would have to go up and go up a lot.”

Ver said cryptocurrencies are constantly improving and evaluating and he thinks this is a good thing for the entire industry. He added:


“It’s a Darwinian evolution of cryptocurrencies, and at the end of the day, we end up with stronger, more robust, more useful cryptocurrencies for the world to use.

And Bitcoin — BTC — is not guaranteed to be the winner in the end. Neither is Bitcoin Cash. And if something better comes along, [something] that brings more economic freedom to the world and has the ability to give more people more control of their own finances, I will gladly promote that. I am going to promote whatever I think is the best tool to bring more economic freedom to the world. Today I think this pool is Bitcoin Cash but tomorrow it could be something different. I would also promote something different, it is okay for me.


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Ver also said the US does not have a good regulation program. He added:

No, it’s not fair. [The government officials] literally have secret undercover government agents going on LocalBitcoins, trying to buy Bitcoins from people. And when they sell them the Bitcoins, they arrest the people and toss them in jail for years. This is madness! And this needs to [be] stopped.

Shame on the U.S. for doing that sort of thing! No civilized country would lock people in jail for years for selling Bitcoin to another person who wants to buy it because they didn’t get permission from some politician.

Ver’s thoughts about different topics can also be seen in the below.

On where is the most friendly cryptocurrency company in the world… 

Malta is definitely toward the top of that list — it is not at the very top, [though].

[There are] countries that have the most economic freedom around the world — Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus.

On the future of Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

The future is more and more adoption, more usage, [and] more integration into the society that we live in around the world. And the regulations can only slow it down, but they can’t stop it.

Source: Coin Telegraph

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