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Spoken News: 24 September

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 Serie A Giants to Launch Their Own Token

Just days after the news reported French club Paris Saint Germain set to launch their own cryptocurrency, Serie A Giants Juventus also reported doing the same.

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It’s reported that Juventus will launch their new token in the Q1 of next year as the club’s head of global partnerships and corporate revenues Giorgio Ricci said in the press release:

At the Club we are always very careful and pro-active towards innovation and new technologies. Together, we believe we can offer new opportunities to our worldwide fan base to engage in cutting-edge way with their favorite club.

Juve currently the biggest club in Italy as their fanbase reportedly around 60 million. The expected token likely to be used by the club’s fans like voting and polling.

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Newberry: I am the Reason for Bitcoin Bug Since 2010

While the debate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash developers set to continue, John Newberry of Bitcoin said he was the reason for worst Bitcoin bug since 2010.

Newberry has tweeted and said he’s embarrassed and sorry about his earlier mistake as he added:

I am responsinle for CVE 2018 – 17144 bug. I feel embrassed and I am very very sorry that I’ve made this mistake

Research: Tether Has No Effect on BTC’s Price

While many argued that Tether has been used to manipulate Bitcoin prices, new research claims the claims are false and Tether has no significant impact on Bitcoin price.

The report titled as a ”The Impact of Tether Grants on Bitcoin”, written by Wang Chun Wei, who’s working at the University of Queensland Business School. The report said:

“We find no empirical evidence supporting the notion that Tether grants cause subsequent Bitcoin returns to rise on a daily basis. In fact, when we examine the Bitcoin return equation of our VAR model, none of the lagged variables impacts Bitcoin returns. This suggests Bitcoin returns are showing greater signs of market efficiency than previously studied on older datasets.”

Buterin: ZK Snarks Could Help Ethereum to Scale Better

In a recent meeting, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said a form of cryptography pioneered by Z Cash could help Ethereum to scale even better. Buterin wrote:

“We can actually scale asset transfer transactions on ethereum by a huge amount, without using layer 2s that introduce liveness assumptions (eg. channels, plasma), by using zk-SNARKs to mass-validate transactions. Anyone can be a relayer; there is no assumption of even an untrusted special ‘operator’ existing”

Buterin also added this kind of implementation could help Ethereum to 24 times faster and this might also make ERC-20 transfer 50 times faster.

Trading Volume to Grow 50 Percent In 2019?

A new study suggests that cryptocurrency trading volumes likely to grow by 50 percent in 2019. The study titled ”Crytpo Asset Market Coverage” stated that the cryptocurrency trading volumes will overtake the US Corporate Debt and likely to rise 10 percent of US Equity trading volume.

It’s also worth noting that cryptocurrency trading volume has been dominated by top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. A recent study suggested that top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges are responsible for 75 percent of cryptocurrency trading in 2018.

Roger Ver: Why I Stopped Using BTC

In a recent meeting with Zane Teckett, the CEO of Bitcoin.Com Roger Ver stated he stopped using Bitcoin due to high transaction volumes.

Ver said: “I remember sitting at my computer and going ‘oh my god I can’t believe I’m about to use Ethereum over Bitcoin and I was a Bitcoin maximalist through and through. I had earlier fought against having Ethereum added to BitFinex.  And then it hit me like a ton of that I can’t use the Bitcoin network anymore.

Ver also added the people are now looking for alternatives to Bitcoin as he named Bitcoin Cash amongst that list.

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