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Spoken News: 26 September

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Bitmain Files IPO in Hong Kong

World’s largest cryptocurrency mining company Bitmain has finally filed an IPO with the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The Chinese company dominating the Bitcoin hash rate, and the many experts believe this IPO will draw more institutional investors to the cryptocurrency space.

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In the IPO filing, the company said:

According to Frost & Sullivan, we are the largest global ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining hardware company in terms of sales revenue in 2017, accounting for a market share of 74.5%. We offer a variety of mining hardware equipped with proprietary ASIC chips under our Antminer brand.

Ripple’s Cory Johnson: Our Product Is A Game Changer

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Speaking in the MI Global Summit in California, Ripple CMO Cory Johnson said their product is very valuable for its customers. Johnson claimed Ripple was very focused on solving the ongoing problems in the monetary space, as he gave an example in real use cases. Johnson said one of their customers, a Mexico based bank, has reduced to cost more than %1000 since working with Ripple as he added:

“As you know for all of the globalization that we have with our stuff and goods that gets shipped in containers all over the world and all the globalization of our data which is instantaneously moving all over the world at super low cost, we move money like it’s 1973 and that leg of globalization hasn’t happened.”

Bitcoin Bull Draper: Governments Harsh On Crypto, I Didn’t Expect That

Bitcoin investor Tim Draper, who’s known with his $250,000 price prediction by 2022, has spoken to Forbes about the latest developments around the sector.

Draper said he didn’t expect such harsh regulations towards crypto and Blockchain as he added:

I think the products around bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts will make it much easier to do business via crypto — so there will be a major shift over these next four years. I did not anticipate that the regulators would put a dark cloud over all this innovation. I had hoped that there would be some clear simple rules and we could then get on with it. But I guess there are a lot of old-school banking lobbyists trying to cling to the status quo. Years from now, governments will be judged by how well they manage this transition from fiat to crypto.

Ukraine National Bank to Launch New Digital Currency

The National Bank of Ukraine is considering to launch a state-owned digital currency based on Blockchain, local media reports.

According to bank officials, the expected digital currency set to drop the inflation rates and they are also hoping this will help them to reduce the costs.

Bank officially confirmed they are in the planning phase of its development as they added:

“The decision on the appropriateness of the introduction of electronic hryvnia in full will be taken only after a detailed analysis.”

Meanwhile, advisor to the head of Ukrainian Bank Association Alexey Kustch said newly expected digital currency will be different from cryptocurrencies given its nature of being centralized. Kutsch also added it’s a right direction for the country to explore these systems as he said:

“On the one hand, it will protect human rights in terms of property, and on the other —  significantly reduce the costs and time of transactions, as well as accelerate the turnover of money in the country.”

Block One CEO: Blockchain is Revolutionary Technology

The CEO of Block One, Brendan Blumer has spoken in London about Blockchain. Blumer said Blockchain technology welcomes everyone and he expects Blockchain to become a part of people’s lives in the future. He added:

“Blockchain is to data what regulation is to society. Perhaps this is why, superseding the technology itself, blockchain has become a movement — a social and economic movement — and we are all united by the common understanding that this is a revolutionary technology that offers the promise of a more transparent, efficient, and interoperable world.”


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