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Which Country Has The Most Crypto-Friendly Regulations?: The Review #2

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We have recently guided you towards the most crypto friendly destinations across the Europe. Today, we are going to introduce you other crypto friendly countries and cities across the world. To see out first review, please visit here:


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Bitcoin is highly popular in the city of Berlin. The German capital is miles ahead then other cities when it comes to crypto adoption rates. You can of course buy a drink at bar with Bitcoin but there also other unique uses cases currently present in  the city. For example, European School Management and Technology accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for two years.

In terms of regulations, Germany regulators sees Bitcoin as a private money. If someone holds the crypto for more than a year, then it’ll became a tax free and this particular reason has been drawing the attention of investors.


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Zug might not be a hot shot when it comes to crypto currency payments but the city already has Crypto Valley. For that reason, Zug is a home of newly formed Blockchain and cryptocurrency startups and many firms looking to open office inside this so called Valley. You can pay with Bitcoin when you rent a house in Zug, also inside the Crypto Valley, you can pay your registration licence with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies has no clear legal status in Switzerland right now. The financial authorities thinking cryptocurrencies neither money nor a foreign currency or a store of value. The goverment, meanwhile, heavily experimenting the Blockchain technolohy, which includes municipal voting.


You can get your Lambo if you have enough coins in Malta. The country is almost like a heaven for crypto enthuiasist and cryptocurrency startups. You can eat, drink, rent by paying withn Bitcoin. Back in March, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency Binance announced that they moved their headquarters to Malta. The country also has the most advanced Blockchain regulations in the world as they are looking to become a driven force in the next 30 years.

Malta goverment also passed three laws that allow companies to issue new cryptocurrencies and trade with the existing ones. The country currently leading the race of mass adoption and likely to continue that with long term rules and regulations.

San Fransisco

The U.S city currently have 120 venues that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. They even have Crypto Castle and most of the cryptocurrency followers visiting there regulary. San Fransisco is so advanced in terms of crypto that even a local court accepts bail bonds paid in Bitcoin.

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) currently following crypto industry very closely but despite that, the country has yet to issue any specific frameworks or regulations concerning cryptocurrencies. Many people waiting what’ll U.S do with crypto’s but they have yet to take an action.

Buenos Aires

Argentina dominating the headlines for all the possible wrong reasons as their national currency continues to fade away. With that in mind, Buenos Aires is very strong in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Unofficially of course but Buenos Aires known as a Bitcoin Capital of South America.

You can pay to your taxi driver Bitcoin and also rent your apartment by using virtual currencies. Many professionals like professors, designers, doctors and writers are accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Of course, the Argentina’s recent economic struggles has forced citizens to buynryptocurrencies but it’s safe to say the Argentian people are very interested in this newly emerging technolgy.

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